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Mindful Birth Education and Lactation Services

I am an independent certified childbirth educator and Labor & Delivery RN, offering unbiased information about all your choices in childbirth, allowing you to make fully informed and empowering decisions that suit

your individual needs.

Pregnant Belly

Mindful Birth Education

6-week Virtual Course

More info to come

Breastfeeding 101

From prenatal prep to pumping
4-week Virtual Course

More info to come!

Lactation Consultant Services

Private Lactation Support

More info to come!

Free 30-min Discovery Call

This is a 30 minute discovery session for us to connect and learn more about your health related concerns and your goals and vision. Together, we will work to come up with a clear plan and strategy to remove the barriers in your way AND address the strategy to achieve a positive birth, no matter what happens

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