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My mission to empower women through Pilates has been developed over many years from helping women find their inner strength, empowering them to become self advocates, guiding them towards strength and mobility and educating them about their bodies and their ability to heal and transform.

Pilates keeps my body balanced, stable and strong through the many demands of life while giving me energy and agility to do the many things I enjoy. As I continue through my own journey, I am greatly inspired and emotionally rewarded by the transformation I get to see everyday in my clients bodies and lives. My hope is to provide you with an experience that will guide you toward a more mindful way of moving and taking care of your body with a sustainable, functional and successful method.

Purpose and mindfulness are key elements of my teaching style. You will be corrected and challenged in every session as I pay close attention to your alignment and form. I take the time to teach technique and continuously guide you toward progress with a high level of care for your wellbeing and safety. Every session, we will work towards your goals through efficient sequences that strengthen the whole body and correct compensation patterns, improve posture, increase joint function and teach you to integrate your core with everything that you do – in our sessions and in your life.

I fell in love with Pilates because it transformed my body, but mainly because by practicing it consistently, I've been able to overcome injuries, exercise without pain, feel confident in my body and do more of what makes me happy. Furthermore, the mindfulness that comes along with the practice has helped me feel more aligned, centered and better able to manage stress and anxiety. I always feel better in both my mind and body after a proper Pilates session.

In my Pilates sessions, you will learn + experience

  • Verbal cueing with attention to form and alignment

  • Breath work with deep core activation and pelvic floor strengthening techniques

  • Postural correction and movement pattern retraining strategies incorporated into each session

  • Full body workouts with core and mind-body integration in every move

  • Ideal balance between repetition and variety so that your technique improves but your muscles don't plateau

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